God, guns and guts

By law, Billy Neal Moore should have been dead thirty years ago, by electrocution. But I was able to catch up with him recently in London where he was giving...


“Caporetto” by François Flameng, 1917

A farewell to glory

Mark Thompson on Hemingway and Hugh Dalton at the Italian front


George Bernard Shaw, cartoon from Vanity Fair, 1919

Promised Land

George Bernard Shaw and the Balfour Declaration, 1917


“Philosopher in Meditation” by Rembrandt, 1632

But is it science?

Two leading philosophers, Roger Scruton and Timothy Williamson, interrogate their discipline


“Perelman-Poincaré” by Roberto Bobrow, 2010

The end of an error?

Timothy Gowers on the alternatives to formal peer review


Matthew Arnold by Frederick Waddy, 1872

‘The rhymes are sometimes poor’

Seamus Perry argues that critics of Matthew Arnold might be missing the point


Old Wells and Pump Room, Cheltenham by Thomas Hulley, c.1813

Trifling in Cheltenham

Jane Austen takes the waters – and drinks deeper than most


Hai-kais de felicitación de mamá by Federico García Lorca

The haiku of Federico García Lorca, translated by Paul Chambers


Federico García Lorca (left) with his family, 1919;

The trembling of the moment

On the haiku of Federico García Lorca


“The Pilgrim Fathers arrive at Plymouth, Massachusetts on board the Mayflower,November 1620” by W. J. Aylward, 1754

The Increasings

Assessing the lives and liberties of the Mayflower colonists